Tilesetter blob to GameMaker Studio 2 autotile converter

Simply upload your blob tilesetter image to get a GMS2 autotiling tileset in the correct format

What's this?

Tilesetter is a software that makes it ridicoulously easy to draw entire tilesets with very little effort (artistic skills still required).

It makes it easy to generate blob tilesets (47 tiles) for autotiling. You could use such blob tileset in softwares like GameMaker Studio 2 and others... however, the process for autotiling setup is tiresome. That's why I coded this tool. It automatically position the tiles in the right GMS2 autotiling order.

How does it work?

Select your file (or drop it on this page) to automagically convert it into the GameMaker Studio 2 Autotiling format.

Tilesetter Blob Template

GMS2 Tileset Template

Simply save this image when done.


Naively coded by Nikles
There may be bugs.